Boston Biosciences’ Collaboration

Boston biosciences’ collaboration to deploy sturgeon bioasset tracking system & smart-pricing engines.

Nov 14 , 2019 – Boston Biosciences, Inc. (Boston, Mass.) and Marshallberg Farm, LLC (Smyrna, North Carolina), the largest US sturgeon farm focused on producing the best Russian sturgeon caviar, today established strategic collaboration to deploy and commercialize US patented sturgeon asset tracking system & Smart-Pricing Engines with innovative imaging and Artificial Intelligence platforms.

Under the collaboration agreement, Marshallberg Farm will deploy the tagging and imaging systems, and Boston Biosciences will functionalize A.I.-based sturgeon asset tagging, tracking & Smart-Pricing Engine platform. Boston Biosciences is the ideal partner, with extensive A.I. based solutions, to help bring potentially transformative biological asset management systems

About Boston Biosciences

Boston Biosciences, Inc. is an Artificial Intelligence research-based biotech company that designs, develops and commercializes innovative A.I. platforms in areas of unmet need. The company strives to transform and simplify biotechnologies for business entities around the world. Boston Biosciences is headquartered in Boston, USA. For more information on Boston Biosciences, please visit the company’s website at

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